Grab a glass of wine and lets get scribbly! Hand Lettering is everywhere and an incredibly enjoyable and addictive craft. A great skill to learn for all creatives - for wedding details, home decor, scrapbookers, teachers, graphic designers or anyone in between.


If you follow me on instagram (@margauxbucherletters) , you'll see me using a variety of brush pens for my lettering work. This is a really accessible tool and a friendly way to introduce yourself to modern calligraphy without the mess of ink and nibs. In this class you will be provided a workbook with drills, methods, and tips to get yourself started. Along with the workbook - paper and brush pens are provided so you can continue to practice at home. Practice makes perfect!


Chalkboards are a fun way to add art and charm to your home. In this class you'll learn the basics of 'faux-ligraphy' and tricks to making dynamic letters for signage. Learn how to compose an impressive chalkboard for your home decor or special moments and holidays. In this class you will be provided with a take-home workbook filled with tips and tricks - as well as samples of different hand lettered 'fonts' to mimic. Each student will be provided a masonite chalkboard and other materials for use during the class. Masonite chalkboards will be available for purchase after the class.


Flourishing adds dynamic zest to your calligraphy! Now that you understand the basics - you can create beautiful flourishes to add to your lettering style. Learn how to compose short quotes for hand-lettered artwork. In this class you will be provided a workbook with samples of flourishing, along with tips and tricks to creating 'bounce' lettering and lovely compositions. Along with the workbook - paper and brush pens are provided so you can continue to practice at home. It is highly recommended that you have taken the brush pen lettering class prior to this workshop - or have a comfortable understanding of brush pen lettering. We will not be covering how to create letters or calligraphy methods in this class.


Fill out the form below to register for your desired classes. Pre-registration is required. If you cannot make these dates - please let me know and there might be a possibility of a workshop at a different date/location in the near future with enough interest. I will email you directly to confirm your place in the class and an e-transfer, cash or visa payment secures your spot.

Please note that refunds are not available if you cannot come to the class after paid registration unless there is a waitlist - please send someone in your place!

I'm happy to answer any question you have - to the best of my ability! 

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The October 3rd chalkboard class is now full.
Flourishing and Composition
This class is an intermediate level course and it is recommended that you have taken Brush Pen Lettering.