I've teamed up with Kaitlyn from ISAVIRTUE to create these wonderful envelope addressing stamps. They incorporate my hand-lettering to make the sweetest little gift for a new couple or home owner. Think about stamping all those invitations, rsvps or thank you envelopes - it's such a handy and thoughtful present. Plus stamping is FUN.

Get your own or stock up before the wedding season!

Click HERE to be directed to ISAVIRTUE's etsy shoppe and get stampin'.

Swoopy inking of your favourite lyrics or quotes is a unique and personalized way to adorn your walls. Your wedding song, a favourite reminder, or simply names and dates to commemorate an anniversary, birth or other event. They also make wonderful gifts. 


8.5" x 11" white watercolour paper

This artwork fits beautifully into a standard 8" x 10" frame (not included)

choice of: gold or black ink

1 - 7 words

$40.00 + shipping 


Click here to get to my Etsy shoppe and get your ink going!

For any inquiries or customized quotes regarding size or ink colour, email me. Let's chat!